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Introducing the Beta-Glo™ Assay System



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The Beta-Glo™ Assay System is a luminescent homogeneous reagent for quantitation of β-galactosidase in cells. The Beta-Glo™ Reagent generates a bright luminescent signal and is several-fold more sensitive than other currently available assays. The single-step "add, mix and measure" format of the assay is designed for convenient analysis of multiwell plates, yet it can also be adapted to single-tube formats. The luminescent signal remains stable for several hours after reagent addition and covers a wide dynamic range extending four logs. These features make the Beta-Glo™ Assay a flexible and powerful tool for studying a wide range of cellular events.

Promega Notes 84, 16–18.

Jared Browning, Michael Beck and Rita Hannah

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2003

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